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Little boy pedo photos

Little boy pedo photos

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Related article: Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 18:49:20 +0000 From: susan kendrick Subject: Cleaner SeductionThis story features graphic descriptions of under ground pedo porn sexual activity between a teenage girl and a woman. If this subject is likely to offend you or you are too young to read such material where you live then read no further.Copyright in this story remains with the author so please do not republish it elsewhere without the author's permission. (Mail code FfCleaner Seduction - by Suzie XXWhen I was just nine a policeman came to the house and broke the news that my dad had died in a car accident on the M4 motorway on his way to work. Mum was devastated, of course, as were my little brother and me, but she gritted her teeth and tried to hold the family together. She worked in the kitchen at a local school, came home and cooked us a meal then went to do a second job cleaning a few nights a week for a Mrs Wood, a woman who lived a couple of streets and a world away from us. She was a writer and had stories and articles published in a number of women's magazines as well as writing some quite successful novels. She lived in a rather large house all by herself. She wanted quiet during the day so that she could write in peace so having the house cleaned in the evening suited her. My mum worked behind a bar at a local pub at weekends too and between all the jobs managed to earn just enough to pay the bills and keep the family going.With mum working far too much really, I took on more and more of the housework at home as I got older, and looked after David who xxx cp pedo illegal was 3 years my junior. We both realised things were tight financially and didn't pester mum for expensive toys and clothes, and only our shoes were not second-hand from charity shops. Things worked out quite well until one day in July some years later when I was nearly 14. pedo hentai free My mum had a nasty fall off a ladder at home and broke a bone in her right leg.As she had taiwan pedo girl sex one leg plastered up, she was not able to work for about 6 weeks. It was fortunate in one way that the school was just breaking up for the summer so she would not miss out on any pay there but the bar work had to go. It looked like she would have to tell Mrs Wood that she would have to find another cleaner too and I was despatched on my bike to give her employer a letter explaining the situation. On the way there, I had a mad, crazy thought that I could do the cleaning while mum was laid up. After all, I had a lot of experience now doing just that at home.When I arrived, the house looked quite daunting from the outside and seemed big for just one person. It must have been twice the size of ours and I had a few doubts that I could manage the cleaning after all. Mrs Wood was a kindly looking woman in her late thirties or early forties and she looked at me over her glasses while I explained, and then she read the letter. She was not 10 y.o. pedo pics as severe as I had imagined, quite soft and feminine really, and was sort of good looking and must have been a real beauty in her time.She was very concerned about my mum and said she would come and visit, and that mum was not to worry. The job would still chat pedo kds be hers when she was better and she would find a temp in the meantime. I plucked up courage and asked if I could stand in for mum cleaning her house instead. At first, she was not at all keen, worrying about the legality of employing one so young, but after I pleaded that we couldn't manage child sex pedophilia pics without that money, she relented and agreed to give it a try. However, I was not pedo child porn pedofilia to tell anyone as it was probably not strictly legal. I was overjoyed, tears started amateur pedo porn pouring down my face and Mrs Wood came and hugged me, saying I would, of course, have to prove that I could do the job as well as my mum. She insisted on taking me and the bike home in the car, so that she could clear this with my mum in person.My mum was amazed at me when we both arrived and I told her of my proposal. But she knew how much this would mean to us and reluctantly agreed if it was OK with Mrs Wood. I also had to do a lot of the housework at home, of course, but my mum could hobble around on crutches and look pedo sex movie ilegal after David who was being forced to grow up fast like I had had to. Of course I would not be able to keep any money I earned and every penny would be needed to help us survive.The next day, the first Friday evening of my new job, and armed with instructions from mum, I managed to vacuum the whole house and clean the bath and shower rooms just about in the 3 hours. Mrs Wood free pedo childporn kept appearing and was obviously seeing if I could manage but seemed to be satisfied. She was watching TV when I popped pedo fantasy story in to say goodbye, and she said, "Come in a moment sweetie."I walked in the large room a bit apprehensively, pedophil pictures but she said she was impressed with my efforts and I have the job! She also gave me a carrier bag containing a bag of sweets each for David and me and a small box of chocolates for mum, together with the money earned by mum and me for the week. I hugged her to say thanks for the sweets and she said "Do pedofilia sex picture I get a kiss?" I smiled and kissed her underground pedosex on the lips chat pedo kds just briefly. I have aunts and grandmothers who also expect a kiss from me when I left so I was used to this expectation pedo illegal movie lesbian pedo galleries from adults.On Tuesday the following week, I dusted and polished and cleaned the kitchen thoroughly per the instructions and changed Mrs Wood's bed. I picked up any dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. There were a pair of her panties and a matching pedo archive foto nude bra on a chair by the bed and I could see from a slight staining in the pedo tgp crotch of the alfa sex pedo panties that these needed washing too. I held them up admiring the beauty of them. I had never seen such sexy items, not at all what my mum wore and certainly not like the tatty school suck cocks pedofili knickers I wore. They were red and lacy with a black design on the front of the panties and the cups of the bra, pedo porn boys pics covering the private places. Mrs Wood came in while I was admiring them and asked, "Do you like them?""Oh yes" I said, child sex pedophilia pics "They are gorgeous.""Do you have anything sexy to wear gay twinks pedo pics yet?"I blushed and said "No way. All my undies are navy and regulation school types like this." I pulled the front of pedo tgp my jeans forward to show her the top of the knickers. They came to my waist and the elastic at the top had been mended more than once. Her panties were dainty and tiny.On the Friday she once again gave me a present as well as the wages; this time three pairs of pretty panties that she hoped would fit me pedofilia sex picture OK. She said "I was going to get asian pedo nude some bras too but wasn't sure what size you are."My boobs, if you could call them that, were only an A cup and not really worthy of a bra yet but I wore one anyway (second-hand of course). Mrs Wood asked me to pull up my t-shirt so she could judge them herself but after a good look, she agreed that maybe she would wait until they developed some more. She asked if I would slip on one of the pairs of panties to make sure she pedo kids photos portal had the right size, and without thinking I pulled down my jeans and knickers and pulled on the red lacy pair, which was almost the same as she had worn Tuesday. She put her hand round the elastic at the top to make sure they were tight enough and felt round the leg holes to see they weren't too pedofilia videos tight. Her fingers brushed accidentally along my labia, which made me jump a little."Oh I'm sorry if I gave you a shock my sweet" she said, "are you sensitive there?""Yes very!""It's OK, that's normal. You'll find it's very pleasurable to touch yourself there when in bed if you aren't already doing so.""Yes I already do that quite a lot.""That's good, and can you reach an orgasm yet?"I was getting quite embarrassed indian pedo pic about talking about this but said "I don't think so."The panties fitted perfectly and I changed back into my old knickers and jeans and kissed her again to say thanks. This time she held her hands against my cheeks and kept boy pedo sites the contact with the lips for about 10 seconds. "Mmmm that was nice"' she said and I left to go home. I remember thinking `I wonder if she is one of those women who likes other women', but dismissed the idea as ludicrous and knew she was only trying to make me feel grown-up.The following Tuesday was very warm and I decided to abandon the jeans and wear a short red cotton skirt with the t-shirt, not entirely practical for cleaning but nice and cool. I also wore a pink lacy pair of panties, one of those that Mrs Wood had bought, in case she asked if I had worn them yet. I was vacuuming her bedroom when she popped in to get something out of her drawers and I switched off tiny girls boys pedo the machine to hear what she was saying."Crikey, it's so warm tonight" she said, wiping her brow, "Isn't it too warm for cleaning? You can leave it if you like""It is hot but I'm almost finished. I'm just glad I didn't wear my jeans. At least I'm getting some air round my legs.""Yes I wish I could wear short skirts like that! It must be much cooler.""You should wear what you want in your own house. Who's going to see? Those panties you gave me are good too; the lacy ones are much cooler to wear than my school ones. Thanks very much for that.""That's OK sweetheart, are you wearing one of them now then?""Oh yes, see?" I lifted the skirt and showed her the small pink lacy pair. "That's funny" she said, I'm wearing an identical pair." She lifted her long skirt up to her waist showing me hers to prove it. They certainly looked sexier on her and I noticed a strange stirring in my pussy like I get when I touch myself child clip pedo in top 100 pedo links bed. She continued to hold up her skirt while I looked at her and it was obvious she had a patch of dark hair visible despite the pattern. I pulled my skirt up again too and looked at my own and couldn't see my hair like that under the material. She saw that I was comparing the look."What's xxx cp pedo illegal the matter sweetheart? You look puzzled.""I've got some hair there too but litlle pedo insest pic you can't see mine like I can see yours.""It's just because I have more and it's darker. Yours is probably fair.""Doesn't it feel funny having a lot of hair there?" I asked."No" she said, "you get used to it. Would you like boys naked pedo to feel the hair?"I blushed deeply. "No, that would be dirty of me""Oh it's OK, there's only us girls here and I know you're curious. Come on, nobody will know." I dropped my skirt back in place and despite incest pedo free myself I went closer to her. She was right, I did want to, but was a little afraid of encouraging her if she was into other women. Would she think that I wanted her to be naughty with me? She reached out and took one of my hands and ran it lightly over the front of her pubic mound and I could feel the hair springy under the material. After moving my hand up and down a few times she guided it between her legs. I wanted to feel her there for some reason so didn't object. I could feel the warmth of her slit and what felt to be some wetness towards the back.I pulled my hand away and said "I'm sorry; I really shouldn't be doing that." I was a bit panicky that I was getting out of my depth with this."It's OK my dear" she said, "I don't mind you exploring; I know how curious young girls are." I realised that I was getting behind with the work though and said I should be getting on. She smiled and pulled her skirt down and went downstairs while I carried on vacuuming. However when she had gone I did have a sniff of my fingers and her musky fragrance remained on them. Again, I wondered if she was a lesbian and did not find it so easy to dismiss the idea this boy pedo sites time and thought about it as I cleaned. I was also beginning to wonder about me. Why had this had such an pedo dark child effect on me? pedoworld free videos I was feeling a little bit damp too and I told myself I mustn't do anything like that again.When I had finished at last, I popped my head in the lounge to say I was leaving, and she said "Don't I get a goodbye kiss tonight?" I wasn't going to argue about the previous kisses being to say thank you, as actually I had enjoyed the last kiss such a lot, and I already felt more than a little turned on by the feel of her panties. I knew I should not be feeling that way with a woman but as long as she didn't know...I planted my lips on hers and this time she hugged me close to her, squeezing my chest against her quite large soft breasts. I had no choice but to carry on the kiss longer than before free gay pedo pics and I felt her open her lips a little and press her tongue against mine, which were still pursed. I guessed she wanted me to open mine too and I had heard from the girls at school about using tongues with their boyfriends but god this was a woman! Nevertheless, I opened my lips and her tongue moved round the insides of the lips and across my teeth. pedo tgp She pressed it between my teeth and I pedo pics naked met it with my tongue and we licked round each other. Suddenly she let me go and pulled away."I'm sorry," she said "please forgive me. I got a little carried away". I was feeling a little light headed and was saying something really stupid about it being lovely. She asked if I was feeling dizzy and I nodded. She sat down and pulled me onto her lap. What on earth was I thinking of? I knew this was asking for trouble but I was feeling more turned on than I'd ever been, and just couldn't help myself. I was already late getting home but I couldn't resist and wanted to see how far she would go. Or rather how far I would go."It's the heat," she said, "let's cool you down a bit." She pulled my t-shirt up and off and laid me back in her arms. "Is that better," she asked? I was a bit ashamed of the tatty bra she had exposed but was enjoying her looking at me there again."Yes" I said, pedofilia sex picture "I am feeling hot," but knew for a fact now I was being seduced, boys naked pedo and the thought of it was exciting, not at all repulsive as it should be!She said, "OK, let's suck cocks pedofili get some air to your body" and lifted my skirt, folding it to my waist. I don't know about cooling me, this was making me even hotter especially between my legs and my knees opened more so that she could see my crotch and how hot and wet I was there. I sensed that she wanted this and nearly immediately her hand was on my inner thigh and almost brushing against my pussy."Is this what you want baby?" she asked in a soft whisper."Yes" I said also in a whisper and wondered why we comics pedo were whispering.Then her hand ran lightly up my slit from the vagina to the clit on the lacy material. "Oh my god" she said "you are so wet". I hadn't got wet before, well not this much anyway, and put my own hand down there and she was right, there was a wet patch on my crotch and I could feel my whole vulva was damp."Don't worry," she said, "I am very wet too, and this is all very arousing for me too". She kissed me again and this time our mouths were wide open and our tongues were entwined. She held my hand and guided it up her skirt right back onto the sticky patch on her panties that I had touched before.I didn't need any encouragement and pedo shocking baby was running my fingers over the wet material feeling for her clit. Her hand was inside my garment lsm pedo and alternately dipping just a little into my vaginal entrance and circling her fingers around my clitoral hood. Very soon, she was setting off an explosion than started as a fire deep inside me, then a truly wondrous feeling consumed me, and every muscle in my body seemed to stiffen and become super-sensitive. It seemed my brain just overloaded with intense sensations and I must have fainted.When I came round, I was lying on the settee and my t-shirt was back on and my skirt and panties were back in place. "I'm sooo sorry" she said, "I think it was all too much for you. Oh god, Cherry you are so beautiful".I found my voice again and told her she was so lovely too. I looked at my watch and saw I gay twinks pedo pics was about an hour late and my mum would be wondering where the hell I am. Mrs Wood, or Sandra as she forum ls pedo pics pedo little asked me to call her, gave me a lift home and explained to mum it was all her fault getting me to help with other things.On xxx cp pedo illegal the Friday, I found that Sandra had already nearly done all my work and she asked if I would like to talk for a while about what had happened the other day. We sat on the settee, sort of revisiting the scene pedoworld free videos of the crime, and she asked how I felt about what we had done. I told her that I had never had an experience like that before and I had been masturbating ever since with the memory of it."Well" she said, "if you hadn't had an orgasm before you certainly had one then!""I know, and I've had a few more since extreme pedo stories when I've played with myself'""But you do realise I could get in all sorts of trouble if anyone finds out, it's very very important you don't mention it to anyone, not your mum or even your best friend at school.""I know, I promise I won't baby sex pedo mention it to anyone. I think I would get into trouble too from my mum. She wouldn't understand at all. Mind you I'm not sure I understand it either. Tell me, are you a lesbian?"She hesitated and eventually said "Yes I do like women, especially younger ones but I've never had feelings for a girl like I have with you. It's a bit disconcerting actually and I feel like a dirty old pedo porn illegal pics man letching over a young girl. I've always liked girls though, right from when I was about your age. I suspect you are the same from what I've seen.""I don't know, I've never wanted to be with a women before. I think it's wrong and I know my mum would be angry if she knew what I was extreme pedo top 100 feeling about you. It's not innocent boy naked pedo natural is it?""Well it feels very natural with you and I'd innocent boy naked pedo love to kiss you and touch you again if you want that too." I went and sat on her lap like before and gave her a deep kiss and she sucked my tongue in and out her mouth which started my juices flowing before she even touched me.She put her mouth close to my ear and asked in a whisper "Would you like to come and lay down with me for a little on my bed. It is more comfortable than here.""Mmmm I know I shouldn't sites incest pedo portal but I'd love that" I said and she took russian gay pedo hold of pedophil pictures my hand and led me upstairs. As we went up the stairs, she moved her other hand up the inside of my thigh and pressed a finger into my ass through the panty material.We stood by her bed and she pulled my t-shirt over my head, removed my bra and ran her hands over my chest, pinching the little nipples and fondling the small tits. She then pulled up my skirt and pushed the panties to one side, looking suck cocks pedofili with anticipation at my pedo stories incest small patch of fair curly hair and the hairless cleft between my legs. She opened me with her fingers and quickly brought her tongue to my vulva and licked me from my opening to my clit hood and sucked on me there."Doesn't that taste gross?" I asked."Oh no, it's wonderful, would you like to taste me too?""I ... um...I don't know.""I think you do sweetie, why don't you undress me and see."She was wearing a blue button up top but it was low cut enough to be able to just lift it up over her breasts and over her head. She had a lacy bra through which I could see her aureoles, a deep brown, and see her nipples pushing against the fabric. I reached behind her and fumbled with the catches for a few seconds and she said "Let me show you the easier way." She slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the cups of the bra down onto her lower chest and turned the bra round so that the catches were at the front. tiny girls boys pedo "You'll find putting a bra on easier this way too" she said.Now that her ample breasts were freed, they settled lower and wider apart and I cupped one in each hand pedofile porn lifting them up and feeling the soft texture, squeezing my fingers into the flesh seeing how easily they are moulded indian pedo pic and yet returned to their shape as you let child sex pedophilia pics go. I let my fingers slide forward to the nipples and noticed how they had grown since I had started fondling, and even as I touched pedo teen free galleries the nipples they seemed to get longer pedo links cp swex and firmer. I pulled them over against the aureoles and was fascinated when I let them go they sprang back out as if they were made of rubber.Sandra's eyes were closed and she was softly moaning with pleasure so I carried on touching my first ever breasts. I had a desire to suck on the teats, maybe to remind myself what it felt like for a baby. I sucked one of the now elongated nipples into my mouth along with most of aureole and pushed the teat against the roof of my mouth and pressed my tongue along its length and repeated this a few times and sucked some more. Sandra had her head back moaning out loudly now and I knew I was doing what she wanted.I wanted to do more though and my thoughts were on the hair that I touched briefly through her panties on Tuesday. She had slacks on today so I released the hook and slid the zip down. The slacks fell to her knees and she sat on the bed while I pulled them off her feet and threw them in a heap on a chair. I put my thumbs in the sides of her pretty, matching panties, pedoworld free videos pulling them down slowly and watched the hair spring up in tight dark curls. She raised her bottom off the bed a little and I slid them down her thighs. The crotch stuck briefly to the dampness I could see on free pedo childporn her labia then released as I continued pulling them down her legs and off her feet incest pedo free and then tossed the flimsy garment on to the chair too. She laid there with her legs a little apart and her knees bent and then opened her knees wider allowing me full view of her most intimate parts.When her legs were only slightly open all I could see was a band of short dark hair with droplets of moisture clinging to some, stretching from her mound to where her vagina would be. However, as she opened them wider the outer labia inlegal pedo began to part revealing a tempting line of pink that widened to reveal the clit hood and the inner labia which was also slick with her juices. She moved back up the bed until her head was resting on the pillows and I knelt between her ankles and brought my face down within a few inches from her pussy.With my middle and index finger I opened the inner labia and held them wide open and I could smell that musky smell again. The vaginal opening gradually peeled apart to reveal the pink wet interior and I ran two fingers round this area to make them glisten then pushed them into the hidden depths. I had only felt the tightness of my own sex before and the insides were still protected by the hymen so never got too far in. But my fingers slid into Sandra so child pedo fotos easily to as far as I could reach and I felt the smooth interior all the way round.She started pushing gently against me so the fingers slipped half out then all the way back in. I soon picked up on the sexy rhythm and moved my fingers in with each under ground pedo porn thrust from her. Her own fingers were moving the loose skin of her clit hood round and round but I pushed the fingers away as I had plans of 13 yo teens pedo my own for her clit. I wanted to see how big hers was so I raised the hood and labia upwards until the little nub came into view then popped out. I brought my tongue boy pedo sites to the pea-sized organ but she sat up fast and pushed my head away slightly."Nooooooooo not right on it sweetheart" she cried, "Just lick round it, it's very sensitive." I filed that away in the info to keep folder and brought my tongue back to her this time licking the skin surrounding the clit. Her moans got louder and longer and I moved my fingers in and out her faster in time with her thrusting, which was now getting frenetic.She was now chanting oh god, oh god and as her orgasm was obviously 10 y.o. pedo pics hitting hard this changed to a long loud ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I was overjoyed at having brought her off like this and felt I had repaid her for the lovely orgasm she had given me before. But, of course, we had not finished with each other today. I lay beside her as she came down from the heights and she turned and kissed me so long and sensually I was getting very wet again between my legs. Her hand found its extreme pedo top 100 way inside the waist of my skirt and panties to my bare mound and into my flooded valley. One of her fingers pressed against my hymen and she asked if I would like her to break me so that I could enjoy sex to the full. I thought about this for a while and really wasn't sure if I wanted to lose my virginity at 13 years old and asked her if I could give her an answer on my 14th birthday. "When is that?" she asked.I told her it was only just over a week away and she told me to take pedo sex movie ilegal all the time I wanted, and that there was plenty she could do to me anyway meanwhile. She pulled her hand out and finished undressing my body, unfastening the short skirt and pulling it down off my legs along with the panties. She put her lips on my nipples and sucked and licked at them until they were standing up, although they were not fully developed yet.She left the little breasts and kissed her way down my front to my belly button and licked around and in the little indentation and then kissed over my flat tummy to the fine fair hair on my pubic mound. I knew that I was going to have my pussy kissed again next and the anticipation was unbelievably erotic and I was pushing my slit upwards trying to get to her face. She teenage pedo sex was saying home pedo sex something about me teen pedophil smelling delicious then I felt her warm tongue flicking at my clit hood making it open out then it was prodding inside.A wave of orgasm spread around the area and a trickle of juices from my pussy ran down to my bottom crease. She had obviously asian pedo nude seen it though as she raised my bottom and followed the trail down licking every drop. I felt her tongue press hard against my anus and I hoped to god I had cleaned it well after the crap I had done earlier. If I hadn't, she was certainly doing the job now. I tried to relax my ass to allow the probing tongue to get in but she left the little hole to go back to the larger one a little further up and pushed her tongue into it pressing around my hymen. I was trying to stay still so she could explore me, but another, and much larger, orgasm was building rapidly and my hips were bucking against the mouth at my pussy trying to release the insistent burst of animal pleasure.Sandra was experienced enough to know what was going to happen and she was circling my clit with her fingers so hard and fast it was sending constant pleasure messages to xxx pedoland boy tgp my brain and she pedoworld free videos clamped her mouth right over my vagina determined that no moisture would pedo yr escape except to be swallowed by her.And then it hit! It just seemed to consume me in huge spasms. The muscles in my legs cramped as they squeezed her pedo nn head between my thighs and my hands were gripping what little boobs I had. Someone was screaming and it must have been me. As I peaked, my head spun and I thought I was passing out again but I survived this one and Sandra must have been getting a real mouthful of the secretions. I couldn't take any more of that intensity at that moment and rolled over away from her on to my tummy gulping at the air to feed my pounding real shock pedo pic heart.As I got pedofilia videos my body back under control, we held each other and kissed and kissed. Time seemed to have lost any meaning for me but fortunately Sandra was more with it and shook boy pedo sites me and said, "It's time you left." I wanted to stay all night but she said soon baby soon. Before I left she gave me the wages (taking them seemed a cheek in comics pedo the circumstances) and another carrier bag of pedo child porn pedofilia goodies, sweets and chocolates. When I got home, I found another envelope at the bottom addressed to me with a note of thanks to her 'lover' and a £50 note, the first I had ever seen. She said I know you give the wages to your mum but this is for pedo kids photos portal you to buy some clothes. She must have been very sure of me as the note must have been done before I even got there. On Saturday, I went out shopping and bought myself some skirts and tops and a new bra, although I didn't forum ls pedo have much to fill it with.On Sunday, my period came so I knew there would not be much fun for me with Sandra on Tuesday. As it happened, she was in the same boat, having started that day, so although we kissed a little I busied myself with the cleaning duties and the same on Friday as she was still on. The enforced break from sexual activity with Sandra gave me time forum ls pedo to think about things. What was I doing? I was still a mere child in the eyes pedo shocking baby of the law and of my mother, and I knew the dangers for all of us if it should come out. You could almost see the headline in the Sun, "My lesbian sex romps with a girl of 13 admits 39 year old writer". And it did sound bad didn't it? I desperately needed to talk it over with somebody, but who?My mum? No way!My teachers? Yeah Right!My friends at school? Yes, I really needed pedo nn them chanting Cherry pedo dark child is a Lezzy. Let's face it they were not mature enough to handle child love pedo nude it. I did cp pedo list have an aunt who always said I could talk to her about anything. But was this was too much to drop on her?My birthday finally came on Saturday and my mum gave me a pretty dress wrapped in tissue paper in a box as if it came from a Paris collection. Although I didn't say so I had teen pedophil seen my older cousin in it at a wedding some years 13 yo teens pedo earlier! I was acutely aware of the financial situation! I had a call from my aunt asking if I would like to go over and get my present from her. I pedophilia free xxx cycled over and she gave me a mini hi-fi for my room and by force of habit from Sandra gave her a rather too-passionate kiss on the lips. I realised my mistake and made my excuses to go but her hand on my arm stopped me. "Excuse me young lady" she said, "is there something you want to talk about?"Should I risk it? I decided to, but made her promise faithfully she wouldn't tell anyone else. She pulled me to her sofa and said, "Go on."Well, I told her everything including my promise to give Sandra an answer about taking my virginity. I pedo ru thought my Aunt Betty would be shocked to the core but nothing I had said seemed to faze her in the slightest. Indeed, she smiled just a little as my story unfolded. When I was done, she told me that nearly all girls experiment with someone their own sex to start with even if they go on tiny girls boys pedo to live a normal boy-girl life, and although the experimenting is normally with someone our own age all that has happened is that I have free 3d pedo done it with best pedo porn image an older woman instead. Having experimented, it was now up to me whether I wanted to end it as that, or move on to another more dangerous phase of making her my lesbian lover. "It is bound to come out sooner or later" my aunt said, "and you can expect a lot of trouble including probably having your lover sent to prison as a sex offender. Is that what you want?"We had a very adult and deep conversation about it all and, by contrast, my birthday tea with assorted friends giggling and chattering away about childish things seemed to belong to my past childhood not the adult I felt myself to be now. I was indian pedo pic glad when it finished and after we had cleared up, I told my mum I was going for a ride on my bike. I was, of course, going to see Sandra but had resolved to tell her I did not want a serious relationship and would be keeping my hymen intact for now.She smiled broadly when she answered the door and led me into the lounge where she had a cake with 14 candles burning brightly and invited me to blow them out. Then she held out a little parcel tied with a bow. I said I needed to tell her something but she put a finger on my lips and said we will talk a little later. I opened the parcel and it was a gold neck-chain with the name Cheryl in fancy letters at the front. It was beautiful and she insisted on putting it around my neck.She moved me round so I could see in a full-length mirror on the wall and it was perfect. She reached round and made sure the pedofilia ilegal portal sex name was in the middle of my chest and dropped her hand inside the neck of the pretty dress my mum had given lsm pedo me. Her fingers played with my nipple and I could feel that familiar tingling and stirring inside my labia. I laid my head back and turned to engage our lips in a wonderful kiss. Her other hand gathered up the hem of my dress and cupped my mound, pressing her fingertips over my clit.I thought `shit I must tell her my decision before it litlle pedo insest pic gets too far' but the kiss went on relentlessly. Her fingers crept down the front of my tiny panties and into the warmth of my vulva and with the back of her hand she pushed the panties downward, causing them to slip from my hips, over my bottom and slither down my legs. Her fingers dipped into my vagina and pressed again at the thin skin membrane protecting my womanhood."Cherry" she whispered in my ear, "I want you my darling; I want to make love to you like you've not known yet. Are you ready to surrender yourself to me?" I thought of my aunt's advice and warnings and knew I had to say no and I turned and looked into her eyes and whispered, "Yes my love take me now." My god did I say that? She was smiling and her eyes were watery with tears as mine were, and she took my hand and moved toward the door. My knickers were around my ankles and I pulled them off quickly with my hand and left them in the middle of her lounge. I kicked off my shoes in the hall and as we climbed the stairs, I unzipped the dress at the back, pulled it over my head with one hand. She changed her grip to my other hand to let the dress fall to the floor and as we walked into her bedroom she unfastened my new bra and took it off, leaving me naked except for the neck-chain.I was thinking 'Oh my god' over and over again, as I climbed on the bed with my tiny girls boys pedo head on the pillow. I pedo links cp swex pulled up my knees and opened them wide. Oh my god! What am I doing? As I watched her undress, I ran my fingers over my bare labia and I was soaked in my own secretions. Oh my god, Oh my god. My whole body trembled as she reached into a carrier bag on the bedside table and unwrapped a small pedo rape inocent pink jelly dildo, and I watched fascinated as she smeared some lubricant on it. "I bought this especially for you" she said, "It's quite small as amateur pedo porn these things go" she smiled "so it shouldn't hurt." She left it standing pedo fantasy story on the table and climbed on the bed beside me.We kissed for some minutes before she returned her hand to my pussy. Once again her lubricated finger was at my hymen and this time she inserted it through one of the small holes in the maidenhood and stretched it wide enough to take all of her finger. I had already had my finger in there exploring myself so it didn't hurt as she did this. She said she need not have worried about the KY jelly, as I child love pedo nude was child love pedo nude so wet the dildo would slip in easily. She asked me again if I was sure this is what I wanted and again I had the chance to back out but again found myself urging her to take me."You want me to fuck you?" She asked for the third time."Yes please, please fuck me now," I pleaded, "I am ready."The jelly dick was in lesbian pedo galleries her hand now and she pedofilia ilegal portal sex brought it between my legs, rubbing it over my clit hood for a bit and then slowly into my vulva. I could feel it on the sensitive skin, over the flap of the urethra and sliding gently into my creaming entrance. I could feel the pressure on the hymen as she stretched it. She kissed my lips hard bringing her tongue into my mouth. She suddenly pushed harder and the dildo moved into my vagina with a sharp pain that made me shout nnnnnnnngggggg into her mouth. Then it was over. She pushed the jelly dick further into me, opening the length of the organ but there was practically no more hurting."There baby," she said, "you are now a woman, no longer a virgin." I cried just for a few seconds but then taiwan pedo girl sex we kissed and pedophil pictures she made sweet love, first with the dildo and then with her mouth and fingers bringing me from one peak to the next in wave after wave. She was rubbing her own pussy over my knee and she came a little boy pedo photos couple of times. I offered pedoland pic to help her but she said no, today was just for me. After a lesbian pedo galleries while I said "I had better get home, I was only supposed to be going for a bike ride." As I got up I noted a couple of spots of blood on the sheets but she waved me off saying it was nothing. She stuck a panty-liner onto my panties before I pulled them up in case I bled any more.As I cycled home my whole body felt like it was glowing bright red and I was sure everyone could see pedo hentai film the change it me, `ooh look there goes a girl who's just lost her virginity.' I was amazed my mum didn't hold her hands to her face in shock but instead was saying something about a TV programme that I just couldn't absorb in amongst the thoughts rolling round my head.Although my mum went back to work there some 4 weeks later, I carried on seeing Sandra for over a year, not Tuesdays or Fridays obviously, but another love was to come my way, although even now I still love Sandra and visit her sometimes. I found out years later that she had seduced my mum as well, though long after me, pedo kids photos portal and as far as I know they still have sex, and maybe mum even does some cleaning occasionally! best pedo porn image I do not think mum ever found out about me though, and pedo stories incest my aunt was wrong, we never were found out and my lover pedo hentai film never went to jail over me. Nevertheless, that's how I came of age on my fourteenth birthday. I know it was young but I truly was ready and never regretted it. Every girl wants her first time pedo paradise pics to be special and to me that was just what it was, tenderly, with my extreme pedo stories full consent and with love.THE ENDI would love to get your comments or reactions on this story (good or bad). Mail me on
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